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Would you like more background? On this page you can find examples of projects in the spotlight sections. Furthermore you can find more information about how we work together with our partner organizations.



bakauIn the Spotlight you can find recent projects that have been supported with books by Read to Grow. Projects with a special character that cause a major change in a local community. Projects that further illustrate the high demand for books and education in developing countries.
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Read to Grow as an intermediary

ghanaBetween 2003 and 2008, Read to Grow supported the projects of 54 Dutch small scale organizations with books. Read to Grow has become an indispensable intermediary for the small scale Dutch non-profits. These organizations are responsible for the shipment of books to their project and for the establishment of a good reading room.

Projects in our own management

senegalIn 2006, Read to Grow supported 4 projects in Gambia and Senegal in our own management with books for the first time. This means that Read to Grow has funded own transportation of books to projects in Gambia and Senegal. The distribution is carried out together with the local Gambian Future For Young People Foundation.


kisumuRead to Grow believes that its responsibility goes beyond just delivering the books to small scale organizations. Therefore, Read to Grow makes an agreement with each organization, which is about the transport and reception of the donated books and about setting up a good reading room. In addition, after the books have arrived, each project is required to return a letter from the receiving party, photographs and/or film material. Read to Grow, wants to know for sure that all donated books will be fully used by her recipients in developing countries.