read to grow

Read to Grow - The gift of your book

Collected in 2019:   105.500 books
Delivered in 2019:     99.034 books

Collected in 2020:   162.500 books (=year 2019 + 50%)
Delivered in 2020:   114.975 books (=year 2019 + 15%)

So far helped 1107 readingprojects in 66 countries.

We believe that teaching people from developing countries to support and educate themselves is very important. Through education, these countries can grow to become stronger, more self-sufficient and no longer depend on help from others. Read to Grow contributes to this philosophy by supporting small-scale projects with high quality English and French books.

There are still so many adults and children who go through life without ever having read a book. In developing countries, books are scarce and very expensive. With providing books, Read to Grow's goal is to help people to get out of the vicious circle of poverty and illiteracy. Everyone should be able to develop their talents and bringing change to their community through knowledge and experience.


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