read to grow



On this page you will find specific information on the books that we collect and have available for partner organizations. Of course we depend on the supply of books we receive and it is never guaranteed that we can get a specific book in multiple numbers. We have only one copy of some books, while other books are available in greater numbers. However, you can specify the category of books your project needs. The different categories are specified below. In the application form is also space for specific questions.


Category A

Books for ages 0 to 4 years. For example, prereading books, picture books, books with a large font size and a few sentences per page.


Category B

These are books and magazines for ages 5 to 10 years. These books are written simply. The font size is generally large and therefore easier to read.


Category C

These are books and magazines for ages 11 to 17 years. The text is generally more difficult and the font size smaller.


Category D

These are books/novels and magazines for adults.


Category E

These are educational books, book series and readers designed for lessons in schools such as: mathematics, geography, spelling, history, biology, etc.


Category I

These are informative books and magazines dealing with certain topics such as: machines, dogs, plants, astronomy, cars, the human body, etc. We have these books available for all ages, but the biggest part is mainly intended for secondary school students.