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scholen Read to Grow's success is partly due the enthousiastic participation of many schools. The largest part of Read to Grow's books are being collected by schools. These are mainly Dutch and European International Schools. The schools hold a collective action around UNESCO's World Book Day on April 23th. The school which collects the highest average number of books per student wins the annual World Book Day Award.

World Book Day

The World Book Day was proclaimed by UNESCO as a day for world attention to the reading of books, but also to the literacy problem in areas where it is not so obvious that everyone has access to good books. This day is annually held on April 23th... Read More >>

Collecting Books

Every year many schools collect books for Read to Grow around UNESCO's World Book Day. These are mainly Dutch and European International Schools.

The Giving Child

On October 1st, 2005, in cooperation with the municipality of Helmond the statue "The Giving Child" has been unveiled in the new district Brandevoort. The Giving Child is a symbol for all pupils and students from European schools who have donated books... Read More >>