read to grow


Frequently Asked Questions

1. To what kinds of projects does Read to Grow send books?

We support UNESCO’s adage: “We have to make sure that books are accessible to everybody everywhere”. So in general, we send books to every place they are needed, for example: schools, orphanages, youth prisons, libraries and hospitals. The only problem is the language. Until now, we have only sent books to English- and French- speaking areas.

2. Is it possible for you to support my project with books?

Of course that is possible. We are always looking for new projects to support!

3. Why do you send used books, new books are much nicer and last longer?

4. Can I donate my books as well?

Of course, the more the better. The only requirement is, that they need to be in good condition and completely in the English or French language. Put them in a box and send them to our storage in the Netherlands or organize a World Book Day action on your school.

5. What kinds of books do you distribute?

We receive all kinds of books and distribute reading books as well as magazines and study books for all ages.

6. Is Read to Grow associated with a certain faith or religion?

No, Read to Grow has absolutely no association with religion. Under no circumstance will we distribute religious books to our projects. When we encounter religious books, they are immediately removed from our inventory. Read to Grow aims to remain as neutral as possible.

7. Which books can also be removed from inventory?

Political, violent and sexually oriented books are also removed. Fortunately, we do not receive these kinds of books too often.

8. What happens to the books after they have been removed?

Naturally, we do not just throw them out. These books are donated to a company, which processes them into recycled paper. And that is good for our environment.