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How We Work

Read to Grow

workHow does Read to Grow work? It is actually quite simple. We collect used books in good quality, or gifts of new books in English and French for all ages. We receive the books by approaching schools in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and other European countries.

Through the World Books Day Action we encourage the students of these schools to donate a book to another student in a developing country. In this way we try to make students in the west aware of the fact that not everyone has access to books.

The collected books will be transported to the storage of Read to Grow in The Netherlands. The books are then selected on age and quality and sorted in different categories by volunteers. After the sorting process we deliver the books to small-scale European based partner organizations.

When we donate books to our partner organizations, they have to provide the shipment of books from Europe to their projects in developing countries. We do this because these organizations often already send containers with help materials to their projects on a regular basis. Also these partner organizations have to provide a reading room, reading tables, chairs and bookshelves themselves.

When the books have arrived, the partner organization is required to send a letter and photographs and / or film as evidence that the books have been received and are being used at the project.

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