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Read to Grow's Vision


vision We have all seen the disturbing images of poverty and suffering in developing countries, on TV, in the newspapers or on the Internet. As much as one would like to help, what can really, effectively be done? Many international charities and NGO’s are doing an excellent job fighting the ongoing problems of these countries. They provide money, food, clothing and medicine, all of which are very much needed. However, the problems are massive.

Read to Grow has a slightly different approach. We believe that teaching people from developing countries to support and educate themselves is extremely important. Through education, these countries can grow to become stronger, more self-sufficient and no longer dependent on help from others. Read to Grow contributes to this philosophy by supporting small-scale projects with high-quality English and French books.

There are so many adults and children who go through life without ever having read a book. In developing countries, books are scarce and very expensive. Without books, the door to knowledge and progress remains closed. Many people remain in a vicious circle of poverty and illiteracy, instead of developing their talents and bringing change to their community through knowledge and experience.

"Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today,
Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime."


We support UNESCO's adage;

"We must ensure that books are accessible
for everybody and everywhere "

missionRead to Grow donates books to projects in every place where books are scarce. Read to Grow also finds it important that the given books are of good quality and usable for the communities where they arrive. Read to Grow chooses quality over quantity.


Policy 2017 – 2022

Where do we stand?

From 2002 up to 2018 we have provided books to 940 reading projects in 64 countries with an average of 848 books per project. In total more than 795,000 books. In 2017 we sent more than 77,000 books to 60 projects in 15 countries.

And where are we heading?

We want to respond to the increasing demand for books and this asks for a strong organisation to guarantee continuity and growth. The Read to Grow foundation aims to be an excellent example in development cooperation. Cooperation and quality are important core values.

Before 2023 we want have brought 1,000,000 books to 1250 projects in 100 countries.

We manage to collect and distribute large quantities of books for a very small amount of money. For example a lot of books are collected at schools in the Netherlands and in foreign countries making use of UNESCO World Book Day.

Our budget for 2018 is € 56,000 and this will increase to € 85,000 Euro in 2022.

We want to achieve this by involving generous big donors who think reading is important and want to grant this also to an unknown other. We are happy with each and every donor.
Donors are welcome for a presentation and tour at our logistic centre (Gemertse weg 12A in Boekel, The Netherlands). Of course by appointment only. Please contact Robert Romme (tel. 0031 492 34721 or

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