read to grow


Spotlight: some projects from 2017

Burkina Faso: village library TamTam

Thanks to Read to Grow, the foundation WOL ( a working group development cooperation in the Dutch village Limmen), which is committed to education projects in French-speaking Burkina Faso, expanded the village library TamTam in Tangaye (Tanzania) with a large amount of books. Two schools use this library.



Tanzania: Book Carousel

In Lindi, Tanzania, 7000 children's books from Read to Grow were used for a project of 10 primary schools with a total of 3500 pupils. Each school receives a part of the books that rotate twice a year, so that all pupils are encouraged to read all the books. The Book Carousel is a great success from day 1!


Congo: Creroea orphanage, shelter and school

"This is the most beautiful gift ever ...", was the reaction of the children in the orphanage and shelter and the school of Creroea (Congo) when they received the boxes with 1,840 books (from Read to Grow) from Zabakina.